IAI-Shop.com/Ido Sell

The IdoSell.com is integrated platform, intended to handle on-line store, offered in SaaS model (Software as a Service). More than 1800 of on-line shops and wholesale stores work on basis of its engine currently (March 2012) - both in Poland and beyond its borders. System fully supports sales: in on-line store, on eBay, other auction sites, through Social Media (Facebook), on mobile devices, through price comparers and traditional shops in stationary point of sale. It supports multiple currencies and languages. Total turnover of all our shops is almost 75 million EUR a year. IAI exist from 2000 and has been listed on NewConnect since 16 December 2009. Thanks to excellent subscription plans and scalable construction, the system can be easily utilized by both small shops and huge on-line enterprises.

Produkt und Shopversion