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Integration manual

1. Introduction to ''Direct Bank Transfer''

Customers (end customers) do not have to register for 'Direct Bank Transfer'': They make a fast and easy payment using their online banking details. Thanks to real time acknowledgement of the transfer order, you as a merchant can immediately ship the goods or provide services. Furthermore, you can optionally offer buyer protection, providing additional security for your customers.

From your customer's perspective, a ''Direct Bank Transfer'' transaction consists of the following steps:

As soon as payment by 'Direct Bank Transfer'' is requested, the customer is redirected to a ''Direct Bank Transfer'' page.

Below the overview of the transfer data (recipient, reason, amount), your customer is requested to enter the sort code.

Subsequently, your customer is asked to log on by entering the online banking details.

After successful logon, the customer has to confirm and release the transfer by entering a valid confirmation code.

If a valid confirmation code has been entered, the transfer is authorized and your customer will receive a summary of the executed transaction.

Finally, the customer is redirected to your online shop with one click.

2. Integration steps

The following steps are required to integrate  SOFORT in osCommerce 2.2 SOFORT :

  1. Register as a merchant on our website
  2. Create a new SOFORT project and configure it
  3. Install the SOFORT module in the shop
  4. Set up the SOFORT module in the administration backend of your shop

3. project setup

4. Registration at ''Direct Bank Transfer''

In order to be able to offer ''Direct Bank Transfer'' in your shop, a customer account with ''Direct Bank Transfer'' is required.

If you do not have such an account you may register at

After your registration, you have to be logged on in the merchant area and have to create a project for your system / online shop. If you do not use  ''Direct Bank Transfer'', you have to activate the desired product. Go to "My account > Product activation" in the left navigation bar.

5. Create new SOFORT project

To set up a project, click "New project" in the left column and create a SOFORT Gateway project. If you already us another SOFORT payment method in your shop, you may activate  osCommerce 2.2 in the project that already exists.

Attention: Please create a "SOFORT Gateway" project

Functions such as automatic refunds and buyer protection are only available if you provide a Deutsche Handelsbank account. You will have the possibility to apply for a Deutsche Handelsbank account during project setup.

Complete your project data now. The most important settings are:

General settings

  • Project name: Enter the name of your shop here.
  • Shop system: Select your shop system.
  • Industry: Select your industry.
  • Website: Enter the URL of your online shop.


The address entered here will be displayed to your customer on our payment wizard.

Bank account information

Enter your bank information here for the receipt of payments. Please keep in mind that international transactions in other currencies require a corresponding currency account. After you have created the project, you may store additional bank information for foreign currencies (e.g. a Złoty currency account for transactions from Poland) in the "Extended settings".

Settings for all payment methods

Select your merchant profile first:

  • Merchant/Shop provider: Select this profile if you offer goods for sale.
  • Content provider: Select this profile if you offer digital goods (downloads, credits, etc.) or services for sale.

Automatic redirection: Please activate this option

Please do not change the other settings as they are determined by the module.

Buyer protection

If you have a Deutsche Handelsbank account, you may activate buyer protection. Your account must be activated for this feature; please check with Deutsche Handelsbank for this purpose. More information on Deutsche Handelsbank and buyer protection can be found at

Payment methods

Activate  osCommerce 2.2 here by enabling the checkbox.

  • Test mode: By activating this option, you can test osCommerce 2.2 . More information can be found in the "Testing" chapter. Test transactions and real transactions are possible in parallel. However, we recommend to deactivate the test mode for productive operation.
  • Block sender country: Leave this option disabled.

Configuration key

After you have created the project, you can view the configuration key in your project. Please store this key with your module.

Project logo

After you have created the project, you can upload a logo of your shop or company in the "Extended settings". This logo will be displayed on our payment wizard instead of the registered address.

6. Interface installation

It is recommended to make a backup copy of your shop and database before you make any changes in your shop system.


Please carry out the following steps before the installation to safely remove non-compatible payment methods:
(if the payment methods "SOFORT Lastschrift" and "Vorkasse by SOFORT" are not displayed under " Modules > Payment ", you can skip the next four steps, and continue at "Interface download")

  1. Please write down the settings of the used SOFORT payment methods.
  2. Uninstall all SOFORT payment methods ("SOFORT", "Rechnung by SOFORT", "Lastschrift by SOFORT", "SOFORT Lastschrift" and "Vorkasse by SOFORT"). Click " Modules > Payment " in the shop backend, select the corresponding payment method, and click "Uninstall".
  3. Then delete the files (even if you did not install the payment methods) "/<path to shoproot>/ext/modules/payment/sofort/sofort_sofortlastschrift.php" and "/<path to shoproot>/ext/modules/payment/sofort/sofort_sofortvorkasse.php".
  4. Install the new SOFORT payment methods as described below.

Interface download

In order to use SOFORT in your shop system, you first have to download the SOFORT module for osCommerce 2.2 :

Extract the file to your local hard drive (e.g. by 7-Zip or WinRAR).

6.1. SOFORT module upload to your web server

Modul Upload osCommerce 1

Copy the content of the folder " sofort_osc_3.3.0_iso " to the web server running your shop by means of an FTP programme (e.g. FileZilla).

Open the directory of the SOFORT module in the FTP programme (see figure, left) until the three folders "admin", "ext", and "includes" are displayed. Go to the basic directory in your osCommerce 2.2 shop on your web server (see figure, right). You will also see the directories "admin", "ext" and "includes". Now move the directories of the SOFORT module to osCommerce 2.2 on your web server as shown in the figure (exemplary figure as directory structure may differ in your shop).

6.2. Payment method installation in the shop

  • Go to " osCommerce 2.2 " in your shop backend.
  • Select the desired payment method. The payment method is always sofort_(product name)
  • To install a payment method, click the payment method and then the button "Install" in the right window. To configure the module, click "Edit".

7. Module configuration

To configure the payment method, go to " Modules > Payment ", select the module " SOFORT ", and click "Edit".

The following settings can be made:

  • Activate module: Determines whether the payment method is to be displayed in the payment method selection (true) or not (false)
  • configuration key: Enter the configuration key from your project settings in the SOFORT merchant menu here. You have to enter the configuration key to use the module.
  • test configuration key/API key: By clicking the button "Test", an API call is made and the communication between the shop module and the API is tested
  • recommended payment method: Activate this setting (true) to make the respective SOFORT product a recommended payment method.
  • Banner or text for the selection of payment methods: The selection defines the display of the respective payment method in the payment method selection. It can be displayed as a banner (info graphic) or as a logo with a descriptive text (logo and text)
  • Reason 1: You can determine here whether the customer ID ({{customer_id}}) or the transaction number (-TRANSACTION-) is to be entered as a reference on the transfer form.
  • Reason 2: You can determine here whether a static reason or the displayed placeholders (maximum of 27 characters) are to be entered as a reference on the transfer form.
  • Allowed zones: You can enter individual zones of the shop in which this module is to be allowed (e.g. AT, DE - if left empty, all zones are allowed).
  • Payment zone: If a zone is selected, this payment method only applies to this zone. Otherwise ("--none--"), the payment zones are not restricted.
  • Sort sequence: You can determine here the sequence of the payment method selection (e.g. "0" topmost).

You can make additional settings under the following Professional Settings which have however been pre-set by useful default values.

  • Temporary order status: order status for non-completed transactions. The order was made, but the transaction has not yet been confirmed by SOFORT. (Standard: "Payment pending")
  • Order state at aborted payment: order status for orders which have been canceled during the payment process (either by the customer or by SOFORT). (Standard: "Payment aborted")
  • Confirmed order status: order status after a successfully completed transaction. (Standard: "Confirmed")
  • Order status when money is not received: order status if payment amount has not been credited to your account. (Prerequisite: Account with Deutsche Handelsbank). (Standard: "Needs review")
  • Receipt of money: order status if the money has been received on the Deutsche Handelsbank account. (Prerequisite: Account with Deutsche Handelsbank). (Standard: "Unchanged (only SOFORT)")
  • Partial refund: order status if part of the amount has been refunded to the customer. (Standard: "Unchanged (only SOFORT)")
  • Full refund: order status if the full amount has been refunded to the customer. (Standard: "Refund")
  • Customer protection activated: if you booked the buyer protection option in your SOFORT contract, you can activate it here.

8. Testing

In order to check the correct integration in your shopsystem please perform a test transaction by placing an order directly in your shop. The single steps are:

  1. Activate the test mode in the desired project in the SOFORT merchant area.
  2. Place an order in your shop / system and choose SOFORT as the payment method.
  3. In order to simulate German sender bank accounts use "88888888" (8x "8") on our payment form, for Belgium choose "Others" and "999" (3x "9") and for all other countries "00000" (5x "0") or select "Demo Bank". The following requested data can be chosen randomly with at least 4 digits. (Instead of the test bank code a country specific test BIC will shortly be available: "SFRT{ISO-country code}20XXX", e.g. "SFRTDE20XXX" for Germany)
  4. Please check if the redirect works properly:
    1. Redirect after successful payment to success page?
    2. Are all notifications sent properly?
    3. Order in your shopsystem is created correctly and status is updated accordingly?

Note: After successfully testing SOFORT please deactivate the test mode in the project settings in the SOFORT merchant area to prevent customers to simulate payments with the test data.

9. Support & Contact

The ''Direct Bank Transfer'' team will be available if you need help.

You may send us an email at

We are also glad to assist you in case of technical issues:

Technical support:
Phone: +49 (0)89 24 88 37 691

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

10. Legal Notice

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